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US Think Tank Assesses Potential for Diplomatic Breakthrough between Saudi Arabia and Israel


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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has emphasized the potential for establishing diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, reaffirming the United States’ commitment to normalizing ties between the two countries. In a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, Blinken acknowledged the challenges but expressed optimism about the prospects of normalisation.

This article delves into Blinken’s remarks, highlighting the ongoing efforts by the Biden administration to encourage closer relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.


Prospects for Normalisation

Blinken acknowledged that achieving normalisation between Saudi Arabia and Israel is a complex and gradual process. While it cannot happen overnight, he emphasized that it is a realistic possibility that both countries are interested in pursuing.

The United States is actively engaged in facilitating this effort, taking on a particular role in the process.


US Efforts and Recent Developments

Blinken’s visit to Saudi Arabia in June underlined the US commitment to promoting normalisation as a national security interest.

Although no immediate deal was reached during his trip, Blinken’s recent remarks confirm that the Biden administration remains dedicated to advancing the normalisation campaign.



Challenges and Considerations

The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict poses challenges to the normalisation drive, according to Blinken. He cautioned that any unrest in the region hampers the deepening of existing agreements and the expansion of normalisation to potentially include Saudi Arabia.

Settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank was also raised as a concern, with Blinken suggesting that it undermines Israel’s long-term interests.



Criticisms and Alternative Perspectives

While the US administration prioritizes Saudi Arabia-Israel normalisation, critics argue that it may not align with broader Arab interests. Some view it as a politically motivated move aimed at gaining popularity before the upcoming presidential elections.

Additionally, concerns are raised about the absence of a comprehensive resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



Middle East Dynamics and Iran’s Role

Blinken highlighted the recent de-escalation of conflicts in the Middle East, except for the ongoing tensions with Iran. He clarified that despite media reports suggesting a potential informal understanding between the US and Iran, there is no agreement currently being negotiated.




US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s remarks reflect the Biden administration’s commitment to advancing the possibility of normalisation between Saudi Arabia and Israel. While acknowledging the challenges, Blinken expressed optimism and emphasized the United States’ active engagement in the process.

As the region undergoes complex dynamics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and changing alliances, the prospects for Saudi Arabia-Israel normalisation remain a significant focus for the US and the broader Middle East.

M Moiz
M Moiz
M Moiz, is Research Student at Islamabad research Institute and work with THE THINK TANK JOURNAL

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