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World’s Largest Hunger Crisis Looms in Sudan


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The risk of a devastating famine is rising exponentially across Sudan. A recent report by the United Nations’ hunger monitor highlights a “stark and rapid deterioration of the food security situation” in the last six months, bringing the war-ravaged Northeast African nation to the precipice of a catastrophe beyond imagination.

Alarming Statistics and Rising Hunger

More than eight million people across 14 of the 18 states of Sudan are now facing severe food shortages that could result in acute malnutrition and death. Approximately 750,000 of those individuals are at immediate risk of starvation. According to Save the Children, around “16.4 million children, or three in every four in the country, are now facing ‘crisis,’ ‘emergency,’ or ‘catastrophe’ levels of hunger – up from 8.3 million just last December.” This rapid increase in hunger levels underscores the severity of the situation.

Lack of Global Attention

Despite the imminent threat of an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, the international community, especially the Western world, shows little interest in Sudan and its protracted conflict. The years-long conflict in Sudan has internally displaced nearly 10 million people, killed tens of thousands, and left millions more hungry, traumatized, and without hope for the future. Yet, the crisis has largely remained out of the global spotlight.

Historical Context of Neglect

Sudan is not the only crisis that has been overlooked. Similar patterns of neglect can be observed in Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where millions continue to suffer amidst ongoing conflicts. These crises have struggled to maintain global attention, with the international community often shifting focus to other issues perceived as more pressing or relevant to national interests.

Immediate and Long-Term Consequences

The World Food Programme issued a warning in early March that the war in Sudan threatens to trigger “the world’s largest hunger crisis.” Four months later, the situation has deteriorated significantly, and this dire prediction is becoming a reality. Families in Sudan are resorting to desperate measures to stave off starvation, such as eating soil and leaves. Parents are traveling across the country in search of work to provide for their children, uncertain of where their next meal will come from.

Sudan is approaching its main crop planting season. However, with much of the population displaced and those remaining too starved to work, the likelihood of a successful harvest is heartbreakingly low. This cycle of hunger and displacement exacerbates the already dire situation, threatening the country’s future food security.

Urgent Need for Global Action

The international community must recognize the severity of the crisis in Sudan and take urgent action to prevent further devastation. Increased global attention and intervention are crucial to addressing the immediate humanitarian needs and implementing long-term solutions to stabilize the region.

Devastating situation

The devastating situation in Sudan requires immediate global attention and action. If the international community does not act now, the consequences – “the largest hunger crisis of our time” – will be on our conscience. We cannot claim ignorance of the crisis in Sudan; we must acknowledge the suffering and respond with compassion and urgency. The time to act is now, to prevent further loss of life and to support the resilient people of Sudan in their struggle for survival.

Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas is an accomplished journalist with extensive experience in the field. He has held prominent positions such as Editor at Daily Times and Daily Duniya. Currently, he serves as the Chief Editor (National) at The Think Tank Journal

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