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World’s Think tanks Reports on 23rd July 2020

The Think tank journal, is to provide a platform, where, you can read the views of policy makers and latest reports of Think-tanks.   Think Tanks...

Iranian satellite launchers can be retooled to handle ballistic missiles, think tank

An international think tank has warned that Iran’s satellite launchers could be easily modified into ballistic missiles following the first successful mission of a...

Think Tank Brief: Caught Between Conflict and The Corona Virus

March 22, 2020 marked five years since the conflict in Yemen began. The country has been in turmoil since 2015, when Iran-backed Houthi militia...

UNECE region have larger budget deficits; Pakistani think tank

A recent United Nations report, released titled “Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the UNECE Region” sheds light on the level of progress...

Pandemic accelerate economic activities more online; Pakistani think tank

Report :  Majid Mahmood The outbreak of Corona virus disease (COVID- 19) has caught the world surprised and unprepared. The disease was declared as a Pandemic...

سی پیک کشمیر میں ترقی کا اہم راستہ، پاکستانی تھنک ٹینکس کی تازہ رپورٹ

پاک چین اسٹیڈی سنٹر اور انسی ٹیوٹ آف اسٹریٹیجک اسٹیڈیزاسلام آباد کے باہمی اشتراک سے ـ سی پیک اور آزاد کشمیر ؛ریجنل رابطے کا...

Pakistani think tank launch Report on ““CPEC in AJ&K: Regional Connectivity & Beyond”

China-Pakistan Study Centre (CPSC) of the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) in collaboration with Centre for Peace, Development & Reforms (CPDR) organized Launch...


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