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COVID19: Pakistani Journalist’s life at High risk


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Islamabad: Pakistan has ended up one of the finest visitor nations but the circumstance of writers here has not changed.

Pakistan still on the best of the list of unsafe nations for writers within the world. Unfortunately, free media has no noteworthiness for the Pakistani state, nor security of writers matter at all.

After COVID19 outbreak, Pakistan electronic media Authority (PEMRA) and national Institute of health (NIH) issued advisory to avoid gatherings and maintain at least 6 feet distance between the workers during workplace.

But the powerful media owners bluntly ignore the instructions threat their worker of Job loass if they refuse to work as we ordered. 

The CEO CITY 42 TV ,41 TV  and 44 UK TV, Mr Moshin Naqvi asked their Media workers, during this Corona crisis going on, other than weekly offs, all staff must get day off approval from me. If it’s not approved from me, HR will mark that person absent, latter sick worker requested to CEO for leave and Medical test in this regard, but he directly refused.

Later on, One worker tested positive of coronavirus and latter two more staff member tested positive. The sad thing is that employees are still not being discharged in the newsroom, but also threatened regarding loss of Jobs.

According to reliable sources that many working staff send emails and latters to PEMRA and Information Department PID in this regards, but they are Scared about the powerful Media tycoons, because they have good relations not only with Prime Minister and also with the Top Army officials, even courts are not take notices against them.

In Islamabad only, Many Media organizations runs their newsrooms without any protective measures. In very congested place 30 to 40 media workers sit together. No social distancing and ventilations are available in Newsrooms.

The Islamabad administration imposed section 144, and not allowed gathering even 4 to 5 persons. On the other side, Power-full media Owners get exemption and forcefully invited workers to work jointly in these unhealthy environment.

Most of the media organizations never provide event N95 protective masks for field workers and guide them regarding social distancing while working outside the hospitals and gatherings. No One Media house provide health cover to all workers.


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