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UK defense policy ‘has been failing for 20 years” : EU Think Tank


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A PAPER delivered by Britain’s most seasoned military think tank has concluded that the past 20 a long time of UK resistance approach has been disappointment and suggests  discount changes, agreeing to the convener of SNP CND.

The Royal United Think tank (RUSI) paper anticipates the UK abandoning its part as a military assistant within the USA’s outside undertakingsverifiably focuses out that the “the free deterrent” Trident isn’t free and argues the UK must remain closer to Germany and France than the USA.

“The report indeed puts a tremendous address stamp over the Illustrious Navy’s gems within the crown, the two modern flying machine carriers.


“It too calls on the UK to move its position inside Nato, concluding that it ought to cleave closer to the likes of France and Germany and absent from the more hawkish states just like the USA.

“Personally I am no fan of Nato, given its hypothetical dependence on atomic weapons. In addition, it ought to not be overlooked that the choice by the SNP to move to a pro-Nato position was won by as it were 15 votes.”

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