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Work at Home cause mental health issues, latest Health Research


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Specialists have pointed out that people who experience symptoms of mental health issues, such as depression, may exhibit changes in body language and their day-to-day behavior.


Yet how these changes appear in different people depends on their personality and individuality.


“[I]t’s important to recognize that we all have our own sense of ‘norm,’ and identifying that someone’s behavior seems out of the norm (for them) will usually come down to how well you know them,” Tania Diggory pointed out.


“That being said, no matter how well you know someone, body language and tone of voice are powerful forms of non-verbal communication.

These are important signals to pay attention to if you sense a teammate is struggling with their mental health,” she added.


But when we no longer share a physical space with a person, how can we pick up on tell-tale signs?


“Firstly, let’s remember that many of the observation skills we have in person can translate online — if we’re speaking by video call, we still have the ability to notice [a person’s] body language, [their] appearance, and even without video, we can hear the tone of their voice and listen to the words they use,” Kat Hounsell told us.


Zain Saleem
Zain Saleem
Zain Saleem is an Islamabad-based Senior Journalist

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