US-based think-tank considered Dubai as a Hub of money laundering

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US think-tank will likely advance cast a long shadow on its much-vaunted anticipated picture as a safe house for respectable investment.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the Joined together United Arab Emirates (UAE), and has built its notoriety on getting to be a territorial commerce center within the Center East.

The report, titled as “Dubai’s part in encouraging debasement and worldwide unlawful monetary flows”, cautions the worldwide community against turning a “blind eye”.


“Corrupt and criminal on-screen characters from around the world work through or from Dubai. Afghan warlords, Russian mobsters, Nigerian kleptocrats, European cash launderers, Iranian sanctions-busters, and East African gold bootleggers, all discover Dubai a conducive put to operate,” cautioned the report.


Transparency International,, an anti-corruption bunch, has within the past said that “Dubai has gotten to be an dynamic worldwide center for cash washing , where the degenerate and other offenders can go to purchase a lavish property with no restrictions.”


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