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Bloomberg to spend $150 million on think tank at Harvard


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Bloomberg Philanthropies announced it will spend $150 million to create a new think tank  at Harvard University.

it will train mayors and other city officials looking to advance their technology and data-driven systems.

The Bloomberg Center for Cities will produce new guidelines and strategies for mayors and city halls to use over the next several years and offer custom programming, research initiatives and fellowships for postgraduate students.

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The new center will expand the capabilities of the existing initiative, according to Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Institute for Government think tank

It will also establish 10 new faculty positions, reserved for “scholars or experts focused on city problem solving,” named for Emma Bloomberg, a Harvard graduate and daughter of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose vast personal wealth funds the foundation.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies also launched a challenge in January that will award 15 cities $1 million each to expand innovations developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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