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Why does the US provide military support to Israel?


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In the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict, experts from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) stress the importance of ensuring a well-stocked supply of military munitions for Israel.

Not only does this support Israel in its ongoing battle with Hamas, but it also serves as a powerful deterrent against potential escalations of the conflict, involving players such as Syria, Lebanon, and Iranian proxy Hizbullah. This article delves into the insights shared during the CSIS press conference and highlights the strategic significance of maintaining Israel’s military readiness.


Deterrence Against Iranian Proxies

The CSIS experts emphasize that a well-equipped Israeli military serves as a deterrent against Iranian proxies in the region. Iran follows a strategy of identifying and empowering proxies, providing them with the necessary resources and training to dominate in their respective regions. Norman Roule, a senior CSIS adviser, explains that Iran equips these proxies with specific tools to carry out its regional agenda. These proxies include Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Shi’ite militias in Iraq and Syria, and the Houthis in Yemen.


Wild Card: The Houthis

The experts describe the Houthis as a “wild card” in the region, capable of disrupting global economies by blocking commercial shipping in the Red Sea. This unpredictable element adds complexity to the regional dynamics and underscores the need for strong deterrence.


US Support for Israel

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the United States has taken swift action to support Israel, sending military assets and munitions. President Joe Biden has promised additional aid to ensure that Israel has the necessary assets to defend its citizens. This includes replenishing Iron Dome interceptors and other critical resources.


Delays in Aid

While Congress appears willing to provide substantial military assistance to Israel, potential delays may occur due to the current standstill in the US House of Representatives. Nevertheless, the commitment to bolster Israel’s capabilities remains strong.


Stockpiles for Deterrence

According to Dr. Seth Jones, director of CSIS’s International Security Program, Israel’s need for weaponry goes beyond immediate use. The nation seeks sufficient stockpiles for deterrence, aimed at potential adversaries in the region, including Syria, Lebanon, and Hizbullah. This readiness includes air assets, precision-guided munitions, and ammunition for pistols and rifles.


US Support for Israeli Munitions Orders

The United States has taken steps to expedite Israeli munitions orders, ensuring a rapid response to Israel’s needs. Additionally, Israel has received kits from the US to retrofit conventional bombs into precision-guided ones.


The Unpredictable Nature of the Conflict

The experts at CSIS highlight that the current war holds an element of unpredictability. Even Hamas, long seen as following a specific script, has surprised many with the effectiveness of its attacks against Israel. The unfolding dynamics of the conflict suggest that anything is possible, making readiness and deterrence crucial.




The insights shared during the CSIS press conference underscore the strategic importance of supporting Israel with a steady supply of military equipment. This support not only aids in the ongoing conflict with Hamas but also serves as a vital deterrent against potential escalations and regional players with hostile intentions. The unpredictable nature of the conflict emphasizes the need for Israel to maintain its readiness and stockpiles, ensuring the security and stability of the region.

Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas is an accomplished journalist with extensive experience in the field. He has held prominent positions such as Editor at Daily Times and Daily Duniya. Currently, he serves as the Chief Editor (National) at The Think Tank Journal

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