Think tank suggested dialog between Kosovo and Serbia
Think tank suggested dialog between Kosovo and Serbia

A think tank, Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), suggested the leadership of Kosovo to immediately make a dialog policy framework to start negotiation with neighboring country Serbia.

Kosovo Democratic Institute recommended Prime Minister Albin Kurti to highlights the Kosovo’s point of view in latter and sprit with Serbian President Vjosa Osmani in upcoming interaction.

The Kosovo think tank suggested the Kosovo prime minister should formulate a negotiation strategy and present it to parliament, before start dialog with Serbia.

A Prishtina-based think tank, also recommended the all political leaders to join this important development to clear position of Kosovo in the process.


Kosovo Democratic Institute believed that it is constitutional responsibilities of the Prime Minister and the President to gather the all political parties on a same page for strong dialog position with Serbia.

European Union representatives continuously highlighted the importance of dialogue between two neighboring countries.

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During meeting with European Union special envoy, Prime Minister Albin Kurti showed his willingness for dialogue with Serbia to settle all the historical issues.

Albin Kurti elected as Prime Minister in the parliamentary elections on February 14, by winning with 50.28% support.



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