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Climate Threats Prompt Think Tank’s Call for Caretaker PM’s Action


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Agriculture Republic, a prominent think tank dedicated to addressing agricultural issues and proposing solutions, has called upon the caretaker Prime Minister to swiftly establish a committee aimed at resolving critical concerns within the agricultural sector. These challenges encompass the rising cost of production and the impending threats posed by climate change. As Pakistan approaches a period of political transition, the think tank emphasizes the urgency of safeguarding the agricultural industry, which is not only essential for the country’s economy but also vital for ensuring food security.

Agricultural Concerns in a Crucial Time

Aamer Hayat Bhandara, co-founder of Agriculture Republic, highlighted the significance of the upcoming four months for Pakistan’s overall economic landscape, agriculture, and food security. This timeframe holds critical importance due to the imminent harvesting of major export crops such as cotton, rice, maize, and sesame. Additionally, the cultivation of Pakistan’s staple crop, wheat, falls within this period. Compounded by the transition of power from one political regime to the next, this juncture demands swift and decisive action.


Bhandara pointed out that despite the caretaker government’s lack of an agriculture or national food security ministry portfolio, it holds the responsibility of steering the sector through these pivotal months. He stressed that the government must navigate the challenges posed by economic conditions, climate change, and market dynamics.


Confronting the Challenges

Bhandara raised concerns over the scarcity of food grains and essential items, including fertilizers and chemicals, which are imported to support crop growth. The interplay of factors such as climate change impacts, rising input costs, and poorly managed price control systems for fertilizers and seeds poses significant challenges to farmers striving for optimal crop growth and increased productivity.

The co-founder of Agriculture Republic warned that failing to take timely measures to support the agricultural sector and empower farmers could exacerbate the existing food crisis. He stressed the importance of proactive intervention to avert a future scenario of worsened food shortages.


A Call for Action

Suggesting a constructive path forward, Bhandara proposed that the caretaker Prime Minister should swiftly establish a dedicated committee under his leadership. This committee would be tasked with devising comprehensive strategies to address economic issues plaguing the agricultural sector. The immediate priorities include tackling the cost of production and devising robust measures to counteract the adverse impacts of climate change.

By taking this step, the government can demonstrate its commitment to the well-being of farmers and the agricultural industry at large. The coordinated efforts of a dedicated committee are essential to mitigate the challenges and uncertainties faced by farmers during this transitional period.



As Pakistan stands at a critical juncture characterized by economic shifts and climate challenges, the urgency of securing the agricultural sector’s stability cannot be understated. Agriculture Republic’s call for immediate action resonates as a crucial step toward ensuring food security, supporting farmers, and fortifying the country’s economic resilience. With the swift establishment of a specialized committee, led by the caretaker Prime Minister, Pakistan can navigate these challenges and safeguard the well-being of its agricultural industry and the broader economy.

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