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IPS Represents Pakistan: A Milestone in Think Tank Diplomacy


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The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) is set to make a mark on the global stage as it represents Pakistan at the annual meeting of the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT).

This prestigious event will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from September 3 to 9, 2023. Hosted by Agora Energiewende, a project of Smart Energy for Europe Platform gGmbH from Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) of South Africa, this gathering promises to foster international collaboration in the realm of renewable energy transition. IPS, represented by its General Manager (Operations), Naufil Shahrukh, will join the network’s members in discussions, activities, and workshops aimed at advancing the cause of sustainable energy transition.


The Significance of INETTT


INETTT, the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks, serves as a vital platform for global think tanks engaged in policy research, dialogue, and interventions related to renewable energy transition. This annual meeting and workshop provide an unprecedented opportunity for think tanks from around the world to unite and pool their expertise, knowledge, and resources. The objective is clear: to drive the global transition toward clean and sustainable energy sources.


IPS’ Role and Expertise


IPS’ participation in this international initiative is a testament to its commitment to promoting renewable and clean energy transition. Having previously collaborated with Agora Energiewende on three research studies in this field, IPS boasts an established profile in the domain of sustainable energy transition. Its selection as the sole representative from Pakistan underscores its prowess and dedication to advancing the cause of clean energy within the country and on a global scale.


Key Agenda at the INETTT Annual Meeting


The INETTT annual meeting in Johannesburg will be a comprehensive event featuring various activities and discussions aimed at fostering collaboration and creating a roadmap for the international network’s future endeavors. The key agenda items include:


Reconnection and Engagement: INETTT members will have the opportunity to reconnect with their peers and engage in meaningful discussions. This networking will facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences, contributing to the collective knowledge pool.


Thematic and Institutional Discussions: The meeting will host thematic and institutional discussions, enabling think tanks to explore pressing issues and devise strategies for addressing them. This collaborative approach will result in more effective policy recommendations and interventions.


Workshops: A pivotal aspect of the event is the series of workshops designed to map and cross-check the work areas of INETTT members. By defining and increasing the impact of their research, these workshops will aid decision-making and policy implementation.


Capacity Building: Building institutional capacities is crucial to handling the increasing workload associated with sustainable energy transition. Workshops and discussions will focus on strengthening institutions to support impactful research and policy development.


Field Trips: Participants will have the opportunity to visit project sites to gain practical insights into renewable energy initiatives. These field trips will provide a real-world perspective on the challenges and opportunities in South African energy transition.


Understanding the Context: Understanding the South African energy transition context is essential for informed policy recommendations. Experts will delve into the specifics of the region’s energy landscape, facilitating more tailored and effective interventions.


New Governance Paradigm: The meeting will also explore the new INETTT governance paradigm, setting the stage for improved collaboration and decision-making within the network.



The annual meeting of INETTT in Johannesburg represents a significant milestone in the global effort to transition toward sustainable and clean energy sources. IPS, as Pakistan’s representative, is poised to make meaningful contributions to this international initiative. With a history of collaboration with Agora Energiewende and a strong commitment to renewable energy transition, IPS stands as a beacon of hope and progress for Pakistan and the world. This event will undoubtedly lay the foundations for plans, strategies, and future actions, advancing the cause of clean energy on a global scale.


M Moiz
M Moiz
M Moiz, is Research Student at Islamabad research Institute and work with THE THINK TANK JOURNAL

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